Remington 870 Express Combo 12GA - Free Shipping - No CC Fees

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  Remington Arms   870 Express Combo   $479.99 Red Dot Arms


Both the fore-end and stock are crafted from a durable, weatherproof synthetic material to compliment the non-reflective matte metal finish. The 1-inch shorter stock also includes a solid rubber recoil pad. And like every other Model 870 shotgun, you get twin action bars for smooth cycling and a receiver machined from a solid block of hardened steel for unmatched durability.


Caliber: 12GA
Capacity: 4
Barrel Length: 26"/20" 
Finish: Matte Black
Action: Pump
Stock: Laminate
Receiver milled from a solid billet of steel for strength and durability
Twin action bars ensure smooth, reliable non-binding action
Legendary pointability and accuracy

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