ATI GSG AK-47 Rebel 22 LR - Free Shipping - No CC Fees

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The 22LR AK-47 manufactured by GSG represents much more than a small caliber “knock-off” of a famous rifle. The GSG-AK47 is a well-made rifle, common of the German engineering we have come to appreciate. The low cost of shooting .22lr ammo is attractive, and the look, feel and controls are almost identical to the most heavily proliferated rifle system in the world. From the first time it is handled and shouldered, the heavy wood and comfortable stock length give the shooter the real feel of a familiar rifle. The magazine works and looks great and the accuracy potential was surprisingly well. Whether it is for los-cost training on the real system, a departure from the usual noise to give your neighbors a break, to help a youngster learn to handle this style rifle without the recoil and intimidation of the muzzle blast or just plain for fun, we think the GSG-AK47 will make a nice addition to any military firearms collection.


Caliber: 22
Stock: Wood stock
Magazines: 2 mags
Action: Semi-Automatic
Caliber: 22 Long Rifle
Barrel Length: 16.5"
33.5" overall barrel length 
Capacity: 24+1
Trigger: Standard
Safety: Lever
Stock Style: Wood
Metal Finish: Matte
Wooden furniture 
Hand weathered finish
Tape and bandana added 
Gun Weight: 6.75 lbs

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