Pistol Laser Training Cartridges

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  $49.99 G-Sight Solutions LLC

The Training Series takes your capability, capacity, and performance and tests them to the limits. The G-Sight Training Laser is a high quality cartridge with a brass casing with a precise focused laser. Improve your shooting skills with the caliber specific Training Series lasers. Featuring a revolutionary firing-pin-activation that allows you to train without going to the range. Easily install into the chamber for instant training sessions using the bullet impact red laser dot. Our unique system allows the shooter to instantly see the point of impact with each shot. Once the firing pin hits our G-Sight training cartridge, a laser dot is placed on the target simulating the path of real ammunition. Military, Law Enforcement and Home Defenders can train to any situation for different scenarios at any time. Building and maintaining accuracy will keep the shooter keen and sharp when if counts.

Pistol Calibers Available



.45 ACP

.45 Long Colt

.44 Mag

.38 Spec / .357 Mag


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