Crosstac Ambi Sling Bold - AR-15 Tactical Rifle Sling Turquiose

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Crosstac Ambi Sling Bold 

• Flat bungee front section, resists rolling. Limited by webbing sleeve to about 6 inches of stretch. This amount of stretch allows easy strong/weak shoulder transitions, limit gives firm shooting support if needed.

  • • Fast conversion from single point to 2-point. Two D-ring clip options when in single point. 
  • • Three user setups (with HK hooks) are available depending on where you clip in: Bail out of both the weapon and sling, bail out of only the weapon leaving the sling on body, or hook HK style connectors together also with full bailout.
  • • Comes with HK style connectors 
  • • SIZE NOTES: Adjusts in relaxed length from 30" up to 60" before stretch.
  • • 100% USA Made by the dedicated folks at Crosstac.

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