Outdoor Connection Pink Original Super Sling 2 + with Talon Swivels

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  $28.00 JadeShooting.com

The Original Super Sling 2 in Pink made by The Outdoor Connection. Comes with Talon Quick-Release Swivels. 

This sling features an innovative Thumb-Loop that allows for maximum control of the sling and firearm. The Thumb-Loop also provides comfort by eliminating tight gripping of the sling, which leads to hand and arm fatigue. 


• 1 1/4" Wide Webbing
• Rapid One-Hand Adjustment
• Mil-Spec Type Webbing
• Not Affected By Inclement Weather
• Locks Into Position For Extra Stability
• Talon Quick-Release Swivels
• Integral Patented Thumb-Loop
• GUARANTEED FOREVER by the Outdoor Connection (Contact the manufacturer for more information on this warranty)

Available at JadeShooting.com

Order here: http://www.jadeshooting.com/shop/gun-slings/74-outdoor-connection-pink-original-super-sling-2-with-talon-swivels.html

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