Bed and Couch Holster

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  $29.95 Creative Concealment

Mattress Holster

We wouldn't dream of letting you sleep alone!

Keep your weapon close at hand with our convenient Mattress Holster. Mounted securely between your mattress and box spring, this handy holster will keep your gun easily accessible and positioned for a quick response if needed. The 5 inch wide reinforced band has a rubberized backing to hold it securely in place at your bedside, or under the cushion of your favorite easy chair or couch. Just slip it in place under the couch cushions or your mattress, no complicated installation needed.

Ambidextrous holster allows for left or right handed draw. Tapered gun pocket fits most mid to full sized pistols and revolvers. The universal holster is secured with heavy duty Velcro, allowing you to mount it straight or at an angle to the left or right.

The bed and couch holster is shown with a Springfield XD with a 4 inch barrel and a 357 revolver with at 3 1/2 inch barrel. As you might guess, firearms are not included.

Creative Concealment offers a wide variety of unique concealed carry accessories and personal protection items for men and women. Selection include locking gun concealment handbags, holstered vests, concealed weapon briefcases and a range of holsters to fit most revolvers and automatics. Shop with us online at

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