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Armed Missouri, Inc.

Armed Missouri, Inc., Bland, MO

Armed Missouri, Inc.
2812 Mt. Sterling Rd.
Bland, MO 65014

Armed Missouri, Inc. is a full service training company that provides firearms training in central Missouri and the St. Louis area to both law-abiding citizens and armed professionals that have a need for training as a requirement of their job.  Since 2003, our instructors have provided successful instruction to numerous state and municipal law enforcement officers, sheriff’s deputies from across the state, active and retired military personnel, executive protection professionals and Corporate Security Agents, in addition to over a thousand civilians as well.  Whether you are a new gun owner who is interested in learning how to safely operate a new firearm, or a more experienced shooter looking for more advanced training, we have the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to provide you with the training you require in a professional yet relaxed environment.

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