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Franktown Firearms LLC

Franktown Firearms LLC, Franktown, CO

Franktown Firearms LLC
7460 E HWY 86
POB 816
Franktown, CO 80116

Whether you're looking to make your first firearms purchase, or you're a master at arms,
our goal is to meet your needs, expectations, and build a lasting relationship.
At Franktown Firearms, we have clients, not just customers!

Stop in and browse our inventory of new and consigned firearms,
or pick up some ammo on your way to the range.

If we don't have what you're looking for in stock, we will get it.

Conveniently located in the center of Franktown,
one quarter mile east on the right hand side of SH 86

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           Open Tuesday Through Friday:    1:00 PM   to  6:00 PM
                                            Saturday:   11:00 AM  to  6:00 PM

         Pistol Courses on Sundays:  Call for more information

Get your CCW Training for $95, six hours of classsroom time,
and one hour of live fire shooting.

We also offer NRA certified training in Basic Pistol, 
Personal Protection in the Home, and Rifle.

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