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MOA Targets LLC

MOA Targets LLC, Sparks, NV

MOA Targets LLC
846 Victorian Ave, Suite 24
Sparks, NV 89431

MOA Targets, LLC (est 2013) is a materials science and engineering based AR500 steel target design and sales firm. Started by a geologist, and with a team of wild eyed engineers backing the design team, MOA brings science to the shooting world. Every member of the MOA team comes from the shooting world. and brings real world applications of metal on target to the design table. 


Our blog  ( ) documents our research and development of targets, and explains in frank terms what works and what doesn't. An additional blogconcealedcarrysaveslives.comhelps round up real word applications of metal on meat, with a focus on conceal carry news articles and advice. 


MOA Targets' goal is to put affordable, durable, and useful steel targets in the hands of every interested shooter, from the individual to the local range and club, to LEO/MIL. To that aim (heh) we have developed targets including 1/4 AR400 (rimfire and non-magnum pistol), 3/8" AR500 (rimfire, pistols, magnum pistols, intermediate and hunting rifle calibers), 1/2" AR500 (magnum rifle), and 1" AR500 (50 BMG).


Please check out our nifty flow chart to determine which steel you should be using, based on the calibers you shoot, and the distances at which you should shoot them.


Our reactive targets, which are all rifle and pistol rated right out of the box, include: dueling trees, hostage targets, vertical spinning targets, and the unique positive reset Mozambique rifle target


A full line of durable target stands and mounting options is available as well, ranging from light duty collapsible stands to hang cardboard, to hardened stands to withstand full auto and novice shooter area effect shooting patterns. 


Finally, our shipping terms are simple. $20 flat rate shipping for all orders that can fit in USPS flat rate shipping boxes, with free shipping on eligible orders over $150 in product. UPS ground for orders that don't fit in USPS flat rat shipping boxes. We also have a line of $5 USPS flat rate shipping "starter" targets for those who are just dipping their toes into the steel target world. 


With over 1,000 gong variants available, a full line of IPSC, IDPA, and NRA Steel Silhouette targets, reactive steel targets, and the drafting and design capability to build whatever you'd like, MOA Targets is ready to provide you with targets that will last long enough that you'll forget where you bought them. 

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