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Lex Talus Corporation

Lex Talus Corporation, Carson City, NV
Phone: 775.434.0420

Lex Talus Corporation
711 South Carson Street
Suite 4
Carson City, NV 89701

The mission of Lex Talus Corporation is to build and support a ballistic computer capable of generating ballistic real-time firing solutions in the field.  What this means is that we have developed an excellent ballistics program that runs on a ruggedized hand-held computer that will produce firing solutions based upon the actual conditions that exist at the time the solution is needed.  While the various inputs can be entered by hand, a degree of automation is possible: atmospheric data (atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind velocity and direction) may be obtained on demand from a Kestrel 4500 with a Bluetooth connection; current location is obtained via internal or external GPS which continually supplies location and altitude data to the software; target bearing, range, and angle can be obtained via a Vector rangefinder connected via a serial cable or, in some cases, a Bluetooth connection.  The result is that as the inputs are demanded from these connected devices, the firing solution for a hit on the target is continually updated in real-time.  Assuming good and accurate input data, the resulting solutions are not only timely, but incredibly accurate enabling hits out as far as the capabilities of the cartridge.