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PrOlix Lubricants

PrOlix Lubricants, West Jordan, UT

PrOlix Lubricants
PO Box 1466
West Jordan, UT 84084-8466

We are a Manufacturer of a Citrus based self cleaning Dry Lubricant product than we developed in house now 18 years ago!  We had an earlier product that started us on the road for an All-in-One product to fix M16's for the US Military and the LE agenacies in California back in 1980.  Thanks to all their help with the testing, we developed a great product which you can check out on our website....www.prolixlubricant.com!  PrOlix(R)  can be found in a growing number of Gun Shoppe's and has always been available on our website!  We are a family owned company and proud to included all our customers as part of our family!

The map notes our Main Office in Utah for management and sales training!  Our plant is still in Southern California and all sales for product are directed to local Gun Shoppe's in your area, please email us at prolix@prolixlubricant.com for additonal info!  We look forward to your testing our PrOlix(R) and joining our family known as the PrOlix(R) Team!

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