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Smith-Sights LLC, , IN

  • Your best sighting solution for your Mosin-Nagant!
  • Fully Adjustable Sights
  • Free Domestic Shipping Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

About Me, Briefly


I'm Josh. Back in 2011 I bought a 91/30.  It shot well but high.  I fixed this by making a threaded post for it.

Shortly, others wanted this sight.  Eventually, demand became such that I had to make a website to handle orders.

This grew to a business, and I obtained my LLC license.

Smith-Sights is a one-person business. 

Being a small, specialized business,  I offer unlimited lifetime warranties on everything I sell.  If anything ever happens to your sight and it's damaged, I will repair or replace it, whichever is needed.  This is for the original owner or subsequent owners.  The warranty is transferable!

If you have a custom sight request, please write me!  Most times I can find a way to do whatever you have in mind.  What you see on this page is not the limit of my specialties; rather, they're guidelines.  I make your sight when you order.

Custom touches that folks have requested over the years include different sized and shaped Classic Target posts, mushroom-topped fiber-optics, brighter fiber-optics, cut hoods (along the lines of AK sights), and different color fiber-optics.  These options are not the limit of what I can do, but rather what I've done in the past.  If you have an idea, write me!  I'll tell you if I can do it and quote you a price.



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