Tahlequah   Oklahoma   Holsters


YetiTac, Tahlequah, OK

21340 Stick Ross Mountain Rd
Tahlequah, OK 74464

YetiTac is a family owned, custom holster company based in Tahlequah, OK.  We make holsters primarily out of Kydex, a thermoformed plastic-like material which is extremely durable under all conditions. All YetiTac gear has a lifetime warranty.

We also make knife sheathes, tomahawk sheathes, dip can holsters and other custom gear.

At YetiTac we are making it a mission to make sure everyone has a solution to carry their firearm every day.

We offer a few starting points for your custom holster needs.  Check out our different styles of holsters which all start in basic black and start customizing from there with different attachement options, colors of Kydex or even our Graphic Kydex option for the full custom experience.

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