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Stillers Precision Firearms

Stillers Precision Firearms, Wylie, TX

Stillers Precision Firearms
118 Regency Dr
Wylie, TX 75098
972-429-5000 - Russ

We are unique in the custom action world as we are geared to tight tolerance control, unparalleled consistency and volume production. 

We built 5000 actions last year utilizing 19 CNC [now 20] machining and turning centers.  This production process delivers the same quality action every time.  We perform all of the machining except for the action face, barrel tenon and lug abutments before heat treating the 416R stainless steel.  We then finish cut the lug raceway to size with a wire EDM to correct for warping from heat treat.  We then cut the face, tenon and lug abutments in a single fixture to ensure all of the major surfaces are square in relation to each other.

Our one piece bolts are 4140 alloy steel CNC machined and finished on CNC grinders.  We use an oxide finish on our TAC series of actions and all of our bolts are spiral fluted and nitrided to provide a highly durable surface finish.  We run .004" to .006" bolt to body fit and hold to tenths [.0001"] on the critical internal dimensions.

One of the tests we had to pass to win the US Navy's MK13 Sniper rifle program at NAVSURF Crane was total parts interchangeability.  A true and critical test for manufacturing consistency.  They chambered up 5 of our actions, locked them in a fixture and shot them at 600 meters, the spec was sub MOA at that distance.  They then pulled the barreled actions apart - to include the barrel and bolt - and reassembled and shot each action 25 times - so each action used every major part.  Our receivers were the first batch in the history of Crane that passed that test without modifications.

We build bolt action rifle receivers for 22LR up to 408 CheyTac - many of these in left hand models.  We also build AR15 lowers.

When you compare our unparalled consistency, our product availability and our price no other action manufacturer can measure up.

For more information or to order call or email Russ Rosene - 972-429-5000 or stiller@viperactions.com

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