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Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club

Phone: 781-659-9750

The club was founded in 1891 and incorporated in 1925. The club currently enjoys a membership ofapproximately 5600 and is located on 87 acres of land in Braintree, MA. Our facility includes two indoor ranges for pistols and 22 rifles. The newer state of the art indoor shooting facility is comprised of 15 shooting positions and includes a booth for handicapped persons. Fully integrated electronic target carriers allow shooter to set targets at ranges from 30 to 75 feet. Targets can also be controlled in unison for competition matches by a range officer situated in a fully enclosed range masters booth. The backstop and baffle system allow the use of all handgun caliber ammunition including magnum and jacketed loads, as well as .22 rimfire rifles. The Range uses a heating and ventilation system that exceeds OSHA and NIOSHI standards for lead particle removal and clean air standards, and reclaims 80 percent of the heat. The smaller indoor range has 9 positions with electronically controlled target carriers. Also included in the new facility is a fully equipped kitchen, a treasures office complete with computerized phone system and card key access security system, and a room for the club’s executive board.

The club has a 20 position outdoor rifle range, a competition range,  pistol range and a plinking range.  All outdoor ranges are covered and baffled. The club also has two NRA regulation trap field and a new archery field.

For a brief tour of the club, click here.  To contact us click here

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