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Co Gun Sales , Northglenn, CO
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Co Gun Sales
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Northglenn, CO 80233

COGunSales is a premier source offering unique firearms and accessories. We carry a variety of Parts, Magazines, Firearm Accessories, Curios and Relics, Antiques, Edged Weapons, and Modern Firearms. We specialize in the finest military surplus arms from Switzerland. All Swiss firearms are inspected and selected based on quality prior to importation. All of our firearms requiring import stamping are professionally and discreetly marked in accordance with all ATF regulations and do not detract from the original look and overall value of the firearm.

Whether you are a firearms enthusiasts or a collector of rare, unusual imports, COGunSales is proud to serve our clients with professional service and product knowledge. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding our products.


Northglenn, CO 80233

Toll Free Phone: 855-746-2491
Direct Phone: 303-565-5035
Fax:  888-236-2619


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