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Dave's Gunsmithing, LLC

Dave's Gunsmithing, LLC, Cumming, GA
Phone: 706-333-1366

Dave's Gunsmithing, LLC
2945 Dartmouth Pl
Cumming, GA 30041

Dave’s Gunsmithing is a full service gunsmithing facility providing firearm and light cannon services ranging from detailed cleaning, diagnostics and repair including shotgun/rifle barrel truing to firearm parts fabrication, threading and total restoration. We utilize a complete machine shop with GTAW welding. We offer hot (Mil-Spec C13924BAM1, Class 1, Grade A) and warm bluing (for delicate parts) services for carbon steel and hot bluing for stainless steel and cast iron as well as parkerizing (mil-spec MILL-STD-171). We also offer hard anodizing (Mil-Spec A 8625 F) for aluminum parts and receivers in the color of your choice. 3-D printing capability allows us to make custom parts such as sights and attachments per your specific requirements. As an FFL (Class 7)/SOT (Class 2) licensee, we can work on and/or transfer virtually any firearm or attachment. We do not, however, manufacture receivers or NFA accessories and we do not stock firearms, ammunition or accessories.

Hearing-safe hunting/shooting is available to all. We have teamed with Silencer Shop to provide for a streamlined purchase of silencers and related accessories for our customers. We handle all the required ATF paperwork so that you can pick up your silencer locally as soon as legally possible.

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