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Crosswalk Readyness

Crosswalk Readyness, Tucson, AZ
Phone: 520-241-0846

Crosswalk Readyness
1441 E 17th St
Tucson, AZ 85719

Crosswalk Readyness is a self-reliance training group and consulting firm specializing in the following courses:


- NRA certified firearms safety and shooting classes

- Family safety and crisis-event readiness/preparedness courses

- Adult and children based age-appropriate programs

- Defensive and tactical firearms training for individual citizens and LE agencies

- Firearms and equipment maintenance and armorer's courses

- New firearms owner consulting and family safety planning

- Home and facilities hardening consulting and integration

- Facilities and portable security/surveillance technology consulting and integration

- Shooting range design, safety, and operations consultations

- Long-term storage and resource planning consulting

- Bushcraft and emergency survival skills courses

- Crisis and austere emergency medical courses

- Tactically-based small business consulting and marketing

- Customized individual and group-oriented instruction


Our team's diverse experience and credentials gives us the ability to train individuals and agencies for a broad variety of situations and continually train ourselves to keep up with the lastest information.  This being said, we take tremendous pride in assisting the new firearms owner/family and providing them with a comfortable, safe, and extremely enjoyable experience.  We have training packages that are extremely affordable and have full scholarship programs for qualified individuals.

Our team enthusiastically look forward to spending quality time with you and your group to help you be prepared for the future.



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