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Frontier Gunleather

Frontier Gunleather, , CA

Frontier Gunleather holsters and gunbelts are handcrafted like no others today. Twenty-six highly-skilled hand operations, the use of seventeen precision hand tools, three machine operations, and Bianchi's lifetime of experience go into each and every treasured piece.

Handcrafted the old-fashioned way, one-at-a-time by John Bianchi and Matt Whitaker, Frontier Gunleather brings back a revival of the turn-of-the-century styles and craftsmanship. These collector quality holster outfits represent the best examples of the cowboy-gunfighter culture for collectors, decorators and shooters alike.

John Bianchi's Frontier Gunleather is a true art form; an investment in tomorrow's antiquities. The price you pay for any handcrafted product is based on three things: the quality of the workmanship, materials and design. An additional and most important element is the reputation of the maker.

John Bianchi is one of the oldest and most trusted names in "Gunleather" (a term coined by Bianchi 25 years ago). The price you pay for Frontier Gunleather reflects a 40-year-old worldwide reputation for premier quality. There are many look-alikes, but only one original!

Bianchi authored for firearms industry best-selling textbook, Blue Steel and Gunleather, the definitive book on the history, development and use of holsters. He has designed and manufactured over twenty million belts and holsters during his career as the world's best-known holster maker.

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