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Kalinka Optics

Kalinka Optics, Southport , NC

Kalinka Optics
4705 Southport Supply Road SE
Southport , NC 28461

Kalinka Optics Warehouse® specializes in Soviet, Russian and East European military optics and rifle accessories. All the optics we carry are of impeccable quality while selling at a serious discount to comparable Western-produced models. Our rifle accessories are all OEM equipment made in Russia usually on a contract basis for the Red Army. Throughout its existence, the USSR was a leader in military optics. After the Soviet Army entered Germany in WWII, they made a concerted effort to occupy as many industrial factories as possible. They occupied the majority of the German optical plants, including the famous Carl Zeiss-Jena factory. They then took the technology and tooling back to Russia, added their own refinements and began to build similar but even more advanced optics. We think you'll find our products to be extremely rugged and a great value.

You are invited to compare our quality, selection and prices to the typical mail-order supply house or those at your local discount department store, photo shop or nature store. All of our optics have precision ground, multi-coated glass lenses -- no plastic lenses here. The optics featured here will give the much more expensive US, Japanese and German optics you see advertised a real run for the money! As always you have the comfort of knowing that regardless of the optics you have chosen, you'll always have Kalinka Optics Warehouse's® Full 12-month Factory Warranty and 15-day, money-back guarantee as well as any additional factory warranties.*

* Excludes bargain bin items which are not returnable.


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